Safety Training for Working at Height



Article 27(5) of the Law on Occupational Safety and Health of the Republic of Lithuania stipulates that the employer shall determine the procedure for the training of workers engaged in hazardous work, the list of which shall be approved by the Government, the examination of their knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health and the safe performance of such work, except in cases where the law establishes different procedures for the training of such workers, the examination of their knowledge and the safe performance of such work, and the application of the international standards, international guidelines and normative documents applicable in the European Union and in other industrialised states. The programme is implemented on the basis of demand (Directive 89/391/EEC - DSS).


New technologies, the involvement of workers, well-maintained infrastructures and well-run operations are leading to a reduction in injuries and accidents, but there is still room for improvement in this area. Improving basic occupational safety training would further improve the situation by ensuring that all workers are provided with the necessary information on occupational safety and the identification of key risks and developing the skills to avoid these risks. Provide potential workers in the industry with a basic knowledge of safe work organisation and familiarize them with the rules applicable in the global industry in accordance with the relevant standards.

Course content


Principles of working at height; Occupational health and safety requirements; Working with ladders and scaffolding.

Personal protective equipment; Full body harnesses (fitting, correct checking); Absorbers with hooks (checking, principles of use).

Use of scaffolds, ladders; Principles of working with scaffolds; Inspection of scaffolds.

Fall protection measures; Rope systems, vertical, horizontal movement; Fall factors, their prevention; Hazards of working at height (overturning injury, etc.).

Rescue work using additional equipment.


Briefing of person working at height on occupational safety and health issues, familiarization with the workplace on site, the means of promotion and other safety equipment and measures.

Practical performance on given task under the guidance of instructor and certified e supervisor, according to the chosen situation.

Practical positioning of work at height, installation of vertical and horizontal safety systems.

Practical performance of rescue work using additional equipment.

For whom

All workers in the industrial sector who organize and carry out work at height.


16 h. - 2 d.

Candidate requirements

18 years of age or over.

Course restrictions

12 persons


A certificate of completion is issued to employees who successfully complete the training.