Medical First Aids

Medical First Aids training course.


Regulation VI/4 of STCW Convention and Sections A-VI/4 (1, 2 and 3) of STCW Code


In   this   course   the   participants   will   be   competent   to  identify   probable   cause,   nature   and  extent  of  injuries  promptly,  completely  and  conforming  to  current  first-aid  practice,  minimize  risk  of  harm  to  self  and  other  at  all  times,  appropriately  treat  injuries  and  patient’s  condition  and  conform  to  recognized  first-aid  practice  and  international  guidelines

Target group

This   training   course   primary   is   intended   for   existing   seafarers   who   are   going   to provide Medical First Aid on board ship.

Entry standards

The candidate should have completed basic training in Elementary First Aids and be a holder of a certificate in accordance with the Regulation VI/1 of STCW Convention and Section A-VI/1 of STCW Code (Basic Safety).


IMO Model Course 1.14 “Medical First Aids”


Full course: 31 hours / 3 days. 

Refresh course: 14 hours / 1,5 days.


Full course – on request
Refresh course - Every week.