Ship Handling Simulator / SHS

 Ship Handling Simulator / SHS


Regulation II/1 and II/2 of STCW Convention, Section A-II/1, II/2, and B-V/a of STCW Code. 


The trainees who successfully complete this course will have gained experience in ship-handling primarily in congested waters and difficult weather conditions, mooring operations, maneuvering at slow speed, passing through channels and fairways taking into account the influence of external factors, mooring operations in ports and on high seas, anchoring and weighing anchor, use of thrusters, use of tugs, etc. 

Target group  

The course is aimed at officers of the navigational watch (operational level), Chief Officers and Masters (management level) on large ships and ships with unusual maneuvering characteristics.  

Entry standards 

The candidates should be holders of certificates satisfying the requirements of Regulation II/1 and II/2 of the STCW Convention or appropriate diploma. They also should previously completed radar simulator course. 


IMO Model Course 1.22 “Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork”

IMO Model Course 7.01 “Master and Chief Mate”.  


40 hours / 5 days


On request.